Ancient Ephesus History

According to the archaeological informations Ephesus dated back to Bronze Age. Location of the city change from one to another due to the silting up problem of the port. Todays Ephesus is the third location from third Century BC to 8 century A.D

ancient ephesus history
It’s believing that first ancient Ephesus has been established by the native people of Ancient Turkey, They have been called luvi’s , its estimates that they are related with Carians. The first location of Ephesus was just a few mile away from the second location. Ephesus means Land of honey bees (Carian ) according to the mythology is founded by the Amazons the woman warriors , common idea is Amazons from Latin America , but they were from Black sea region of Ancient Turkey. The name of the city has thought Aphasas coming from Amazon Kingdom ‘’ Kingdom of Arzawa’’ Meaning that The City of Mother Goddess. There is not much archaeological information about the first location of Ancient Ephesus its moved to second location 12 B.C by the Ionians.

ancientephesustravelmapThe city was refunded by Androclus the son of Codrus , the cities were established on the west coast of ancient Turkey under Ionian migrations , set up confederation with the leadership of Ephesus. The city invaded by the cimmerians seventh Century B.C controlled by Lydian’s, under the domination of Lydian’s Ephesus became one of the recognizable location of ancient world. Ephesus became the center of trade , and positive science. Ephesus located in between Europa and Asia where European dealers meets with the Asians this is why its called Asia Minor. It was not only business exchange it was cultural exchange in between each others. That’s why Ephesus became one of the most commercial , social , and cultural center of Ancient World with huge cosmopolitan population. Philosopher Heraclitus one of the famous character of this Period, women rights, sculpture, artists, teachers and painters of the city made Ephesus much more attractive than all others in the same period. Luxury of the city also much more further than most of the other ancient cities, they had lightened main street with oil lamp, grid city planning, running water , drainage are only some of the examples to their well organized town. Anatolia (Ancient Turkey ) occupied by Cyrus the king of Persia but Ephesus did not affected very much from the Persian rule.

Paganism and its idols affect their religion , social life. Ephesus had the largest temple that ever dedicated to their mother goddess ARTEMIS (Diana ) one of the Seven ancient Wonders , Temple of Artemis built 6 century B.C became the center of worship to Mother goddess in Ancient Turkey. They had spring festivals every single year in April so many followers of the Mother Goddess were coming to join festivals dedicated to their mother goddess. It was very good in come supply to Ephesus ancient city. Destroyed by fire in 356 B.C rebuilt by Alexander the great.

Persian rule over the Anatolia by Alexander the great in 334 B.C Ephesus and the whole country came to the domination of Alexander the Great and Hellenistic period started in Anatolia. After the death of Alexander the Great in Babylon his empire split in between his four former generals.

ancient -ephesus-turkey Lysimachus the general of Alexander the great has the control of Asia Minor, during his period port of Ephesus silted up by Meander river , he decide to change the location of Ephesus , moved o the third location which is the site that we visit today. To increase up the population he brought the citizens of Notion and Klophon ancient cities nearby Ephesus. Lysimachus died at the war against to the lydians , Ephesus came to the sovereignty of Pergamum kingdom until 129 B.C. When the Pergamum kingdom bequeathed to roman Empire by Attalos III Roman domination started in Anatolia.

During the Roman era Ephesus became more larger with about 250.000 population. Ephesus became the capital city of Asian Province of Roman empire. It has been occupied by the Mithridates the king of Pontus from Black sea region of Anatolia in 88 B.C, took back by the Roman general Sulla.

Ephesus was important for pagans, we may see remarks of Jewish and Christian heritage. St Paul the apostle , St John , Mother Mary , Timothy affected the religious and social life of Ephesus Ancient city very much. Ephesus is one of the location to seven churches of revelation today.

The port of Ephesus has been silted up by the Meander river again, whole valley became marshy and swamp mosquitos created daisies problem dealers were not able to keep going on their business anymore that’s why Ephesus ancient city abandoned by the Ephesians about 8 century A.D.

Ancient Ephesus History Turkey 

Ancient Ephesus History
History of Ancient Ephesus Turkey