Blue Mosque IstanbulIts called The Sultan Ahmet Camii in Turkish converted into European languages as Blue Mosque it is because of more than 20.000 blue tiles decorating the interior of the historical monument. It was built in between 1609-1616 as a complex. The complex has Madrasah ( ottoman high School ) graveyard for royalty and bazaar. The mosque built during the reign of Sultan Ahmet ( Ruler of Ottoman Empire) dedicated to the sultan therefore called Sultan Ahmet Mosque, still using for public worship. It is located in the old city standing just the opposite of Hagia Sophia. Blue Mosque Istanbul

The monument has six beautiful , minarets even though there are some myth that each of them symbolize very important facts, but in Islam religion it does not meaning of anything to have one or more minaret except decoration. The highlights of the mosque is its architecture and interior decoration. It was built one central dome and 4 semi- dome to get balance and more space at the interior section. Hand stain glass windows with different colors let the day light to the huge monument. Blue Tiles from Iznik (Ancient Nicea) they all made by hand with mainly tulip designed. The altar (Mihrab) on the south facing to holyland Mecca. Blue Mosque Istanbul

blue mosque Istanbul