Ephesus Monuments Turkey

Ephesus ancient city one of the largest Archaeological site of world heritage. When we say the highlights of Ephesus , the common idea is the sites need to be visited around Ephesus ancient city. Such as The house of mother Mary , St john Basilica , Temple of Artemis , theses are really unique must see sites site of Ephesus Ancient City. There are also very specific monuments of Ephesus. Such as ,Odeon, Temple of Domitianus, Terraces houses , Celsus library, Commercial Market place , The Great Theater are the impressive , monuments of Ancient Ephesus, each of them was the good example to roman architecture , fine arts , design and decoration. Ephesus Monuments Turkey

Ephesus Monuments TurkeyOdeon was manly parliament house with about 2500 seating capacity. Its because citizens of Ephesus could join the official meeting they could even talk at equal time with parliaments but they could not vote for the decisions.

Temple of Domitianus : was the first temple that ever dedicated for the Roman Emperor, and it was built to the most visible location of Ephesus.

Terraces houses: Located in the center of Ephesus belong to Kings, Hero’s , Wealthy peoples, two thousand years ago, they had luxury , central heating, wall painting , mosaics, excavated and restored by the archaeologist. Its open to the public visit but there is additional entrance fee. Ephesus Monuments Turkey


ancient-ephesus-turkeyCelsus library : third largest library of the ancient world after Alexandria , Pergamon It was built 134 AD , It has been restored in between 1970-1980 façade of the library is amazing. Ephesus Monuments Turkey

Commercial Market Place : Where the business and social life was going on. It used to be it was only couple of hundred yards away from the port of Ephesus. Ephesus Monuments Turkey

The Great theater: It is Greco-Roman Theater it was built during the hellenistic period third century BC and has been enlarged by the romans during the second century AD. It has both Hellenistic and Roman architectural specification. This is the theater where St Paul preached on his missionary journey it has about 24000 spectators capacity. Ephesus Monuments Turkey

ephesus monuments turkey