Hagia Sophia IstanbulHagia sophia (St Sophia) which means holy wisdom , its called Ayasofya in Turkish. It was dedicated to the Mother Mary. Hagia sophia was built three times, the one we visit today is the third monument from six century A.D Hagia Sophia Istanbul

The first one was built in about 360 A.D during the reign of Constantinus ll. It was smaller with stone walls and wooden roof. It was collapsed the second one is ordered by the emperor Theodosius ll in 415 A.D second one was larger than the first one. It is burned down by the Nika revolt 532 A.D Third monument has been built by Emperor Justinian in between 532 – 537 A.D Isidoros from Miletus , Anthemius from Tralles were the architects of the great monument. It is served centuries as the center of eastern orthodox church except the latin occupation in between 1204- 1261 A.DIt has been converted into mosque by the Sultan mehmet the conqueror 1453. A.D since 1935 its serving as a museum , one the most significant monuments of world heritage. Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Located in Sultanahmet Area (old City ) opposite of blue mosque , on the way to the topkapi palace. Hagia Sophia Istanbul

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