Ancient Hippodrome Istanbul (Constantinople) old city, Turkey


Istanbul Ancient Hippodrome=

Hippodrome located in the middle of old city (Sultanahmet) We can also call stadium. It was the place where they have sport activities, chariots races, funs festival, social and political activities. It was built by Emperor Septimius Severus 203 A.D when he re-decorate the city. Estimated seating capacity was 30.000 , hippodrome was a place where political groups represent himself and discuss in between each other. They called blues and Greens. The revolt of Nika started in the hippodrome against the the emperor Justinian end up with the slaughtered of over 30.000 people. Today except the base of Hippodrome , almost nothing remained. There are three monument decorating the site today. Istanbul Ancient Hippodrome

Obelisk : Has been brought from Karnak Temple (Luxor) Egypt fifth century A.D. Serpentine Column : Has been brought from Temple of Apollo Delphi , Walled Column: Built in the site about 10th Century to complete and synchronize the decoration. Istanbul Ancient Hippodrome

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