Istanbul History Turkey

Istanbul History Turkey

The history of Istanbul goes back to 300 thousand years ago. Kucukcekmece lake located on the edge of the excavations in the cave was found Yarimburgaz The first traces of human culture. During this period around the lake it is believed to Neolithic and Chalcolithic people live. The excavations carried out at various times, Dudullu Near Lower Palaeolithic, near the leafy, were found in the Upper Palaeolithic and Middle Palaeolithic specific tools. Istanbul History Turkey

BC Since the year 5000, including in particular Fikirtepe Catalca Kadikoy, Dudullu, Ümraniye, Pendik, Davutpaşa Kilyos and Ambarlı dense settlement is believed to start.
Today Istanbul’s foundations were laid in the 7th century BC. “Byzantium” in the east of the historical peninsula in 667 BC by Megara was established around the Seraglio. Byzantium showed long city-state structure. Byzantium in 478 BC, the Spartans seized. Istanbul History Turkey

Byzantium management of surviving Spartan but two years later fired by the people of their city. Thus, from 476 BC, it was identified as Byzantium democracy form of government. Byzantium showing the structure of the city-state for a long time, thanks to economic growth thanks to the strategic position that has been a force able to intervene in all of ancient Greece.
In 196 BC it came under the dominion of the Roman Empire, Byzantium. Byzantium by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, was included in the Roman Empire to the Roman declaration of independence. City of Roman Emperor Vespasian in the 1st century by the latinleştiril to adhere firmly to the empire. Istanbul History Turkey

Istanbul’s name changed to Constantinople during Roman Empire period, after the Roman Empire before made the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine capital of Constantinople for almost 1000 years the city has risen to a dominant position in the Middle East. Istanbul History Turkey

Between the years 1204-1261 suffered the invasion of Constantinople Latin Empire became the capital of Latin.

In 1453,the city was considered one of the most important cities of the Muslims the conquest by the Ottomans.

October 13, 1923, Ankara declared the capital of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul is the capital of lost property since A.D 330 is maintained.

March 28, 1930 in Constantinople (Constantinople) name phased out entirely and the official name of the city was Istanbul. Istanbul History Turkey

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