Jewish Heritage Ephesus

The remarks of Jewish heritage goes back to 3rd Century B.C. They mainly settled at Sardis ancient city duing the reign of Seleucid Kingdom. Archeological excavations proving that there was effective cultural back ground of jewish comminity in Ancient Turkey.

Jewish Heritage EphesusThe ramains of the Sardis Sinagogue were discovered in 1958 findings of excavations shows that judaism survived in Roman empire for a long time. Jewish Heritage sites are mainly located in Istanbul, Izmir destinations of Turkey. The most well known of jewish sites are ; Beth Israel, the largest synagogue Karatas in Izmir . Mainly the Jewish population of Izmir was settled in this area the local Jewish hospital are taken care of by a Jewish foundation and are added to the list of major Jewish cultural monuments. Jewish Heritage Ephesus

sardis-sinagokNext destination on the western Turkey is Ephesus ancient city . One of the twelve Ionian and the The Capital city, had been home to many Jews during the Hellenistic and roman period. According to the Hebrew inscriptions found on tombs, You can still see remarks of judasim and the symbols at Ephesus ancient city. If you are keen on to learn more about jewish heritage you can send us an email to organize your travel to jewish sites of Turkey. Jewish Heritage Ephesus

jewish heritage ephesus