Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Topkapi palace was built on ancient Roman acropolis , 1460 – 1478 after the conquest of Istanbul. Topkapi palace located on the European side of Istanbul right at the peninsula in between Bosporus , golden horn and the sea of Marmara. Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Total land masses of Topkapi palace is about 700.000 square meter . It was residential and administrative place of Ottoman Empire for centuries. Topkapi Palace was also center of education , art and military. It was a city within the city with over 5000 population. Ottoman sultan Abdulmecit (31st Sultan) Moved to the new palace (Dolmabahce palace) It has been converted into Museum 1924 after establishment of Turkish Republic. Topkapi place split from the city and sea by the great city walls. Its one of the largest palace museum with about over 300.00 archive. Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Harem Section of Topkapi palace museum was the residential place of Ottoman Sultans and his Family. Social and private life of Ottoman sultans was going on at the harem section. It has additional cost to visit. Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Museum is open Every day except Tuesday

Visiting Hours 09:00 18:45 ticket booth for main entrance close 16:00 ticket booth for harem section close 18:00

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