Pamphylian Civilizations HistoryPamphylian Civilizations History

Pamphylia in the east of Antalya, is the region between the ancient city of Cilicia and Lycia. A lot of races in ancient times, lived together in this city. Pamphylia’s means ‘countries of the breeds’. Pamphylian Civilizations History

There are multiple opinions on the establishment of Pamphylia cities.The Greeks believed Pamphylia’s name come from Mopsos’s daughter or his step-sister.According to do evindence has been found in the caves of Karain and Beldibi near by Antalya,prooves that sattelment of human being goes back to 7000 B.C.In about 1100 B.C. due a to do prestion of Doreans east european tribes migrated to the ancient Turkey ,which used to be known as Anatolia.It’s believing that Pamphylia one of those tribes has been settled to this area and established their civilization. Pamphylian Civilizations History

Pamphylia came under Persian rule in 547 BC. Pamphylia cities were quite independent in this period. Alexander the great challenge of raids in Anatolia, Persia domination ended in Pamphylia. After Alexander’s death,this zone passed into the hands of the Alexander’ general Monophthalmus. Pamphylia, after Monophthalmus,firstly came under Pergamon Kingdom and after Roman rule. Starting in the 4th century after Christ to spread Christianity in Pamphylia, completely settled in the 5th century. 5th and 6th century Pamphylia province of Byzantine, was the scene of the 7th century Arab raids. In the 11th century has been the cause of conflict between the Byzantines and Seljuks . Pamphylian Civilizations History

After Sultanate of Rum degradation ,Pamphylia entry to the management of some principalities. Finally, the period of Bayezid came under Ottoman rule.(1390) Pamphylian Civilizations History

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