Santa Claus Church

Santa Claus Church

Myra is one of the five most important city of ancient Lycia. The foundation of the city dates back to the fifth century before Christ. Myra was formerly a coastal city. Currently, it remained inside the sea because of the silt carried by the river Demre. It has been abandoned as a result of the Arab raids in the ninth century after Christ. Santa Claus Church

Rock tombs, the theater and St. Nicholas Church was able to survive until today. St. Nicholas was born in 245 AD in Patara, near Fethiye. St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) is a saint who lived in Anatolia until his death. Santa Claus Church

St. Nicholas‘s family was wealthy and he was well educated. Santa Claus is legendary as the protector of children and sailors. As bishop of Demre, it has brought humanitarian solutions to people’s problems.

After he died and was buried in Demre it was made on behalf of a church. In 1807 a section of the St. Nicholas’s bones were kidnapped by Italian sailors to Bari. The remaining bones are on display in the Antalya Museum. Santa Claus Church

St. Nicholas’s death anniversary (December 6) ceremony is held every year. In 1955, it turned out to be Santa Claus and on behalf of postage stamps were printed. The first time in December 1983 Santa Claus World Symposium was held in Antalya.

Repeated every year on this symposium,scientists and clerics join from all over the World. Santa Claus Church

santa claus church